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Living Spiritually.org is a website that is devoted to self-awareness, inner-peace and enlightenment. These three states of mind and heart are key to understanding and living a genuine connection with the world around us.

We all have much to learn not only of ourselves but from others. We all have our own journeys and our own challenges; we come from different places are we are all destined to go our own ways. But in the end, we are all of the same Universe.

The site is not intended to be slanted towards any one religion as Spiritual Enlightenment transcends all religions. But we all have our personal narrative- a cultural lens through which we view our world. Religion is a large part of that lens whether we'd like to admit it or not. Indeed, we might learn more from each other by paying attention to the how ideas are communicated in language as much as what is being said.

Please join us. You are invited to participate in any of the conversations to share your experiences and help us all understand your human experience which adds to our collective consciousness.

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